Pennies of Love: Club members bring in pennies that will make a difference in the lives of others

kids_photos_richmondWhether a penny for your thoughts or a lucky penny, each penny counts. Just think of how many times we fail to bend over and pick up a penny. At the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club, no pennies go to waste or are unwanted. Kids realize that if the 100 youth we serve daily brought in a few each day, what a difference we would make. Our youth are committed to collecting 10,000 pennies to feed the homeless at the Salvation Army shelter. Every day after devotions, members empty their pockets of collected pennies into the great big jar. After collecting the pennies, the youth will purchase everything needed to cook and serve a meal of soup, sandwiches and a drink. While dinner is being served, they will interact, socialize and engage in fellowship. Our youth realize that homelessness not only affects adults, but youth just like them. They look forward to the opportunity to not only give back to the community, but fill a hungry stomach, put a smile on a child’s face and make someone’s day.

Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club
Richmond, VA

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