Our members collected money through several fundraisers to purchase pet food for their local animal shelter

kids_photos_palmspringsOur Torch Club meets almost every Thursday. Our members discuss what means a lot to them. One of the biggest discussions they had was regarding how many animals are in our local animal shelter and what they could do to help. After holding several fundraisers, the members were able to purchase food and supplies for the shelter. They delivered the items and asked to spend time with the animals. They saw what had to be done on a daily basis and learned how to care for the animals. When the Torch Club members returned to the Club, they asked to schedule visits to the shelter at least once a month. It also was decided that they would earn the trip to the shelter by assisting the Homework Room staff. They have come away from this experience with a better respect and understanding for the volunteers who are so dedicated to this shelter.

Boys & Girls Club of Palm Springs
Pathfinders Children’s Center
Palm Springs, CA

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