Wacky-tivities Spattter Blaster – Skinny – Green

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Wacky-tivities Spattter Blaster – Skinny – Green Description

Product Description Wacky Wacky-tivities puts a hilarious and wacky spin on kids’ favorite activities! Now kids can spray up to a mile of fun with a large can of Skinny Spattter! Skinny Spattter may be ultra-thin, but it’s big on fun. Spray streams! Swirl them around! Pile it high off the ground! The EZ-Spray Nozzle unleashes up to a mile of Spattter! That’s over 293 giraffes tall or 17 football fields long! That’s A LOT of Spattter! Cover your entire house and clean it up in seconds. You can roll all your sprayed Spattter into a ball and send it rolling down the hall. Need more Spattter? Try “Fatter” and “Scatter” Spattter. Each one is wackier than the last! Spray up to a mile of wacky Spattter with the rib-tickling fun of Skinny Spattter!’ From the Manufacturer From Wacky activities comes the crazy world of Spatter! You can spray away with 3 different types of Spatter like ‘fatter’, ‘skinny’ and ‘scatter’! There’s up to 1 mile of Spatter in every can! That’s A LOT of Spatter! Just pull the trigger and start to spray! Only Spatter gives you up to a mile of fun!

Wacky-tivities Spattter Blaster – Skinny – Green how to buy

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