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VTech – V.Smile – V.Smile Art Studio Description

Product description With the help of the V.Smile Learning System, this art studio will help your child become the next budding Picasso. The V.Smile Art Studio is a touch-sensitive drawing pad that connects to the separately sold V.Smile TV Learning system. It works very much like a drawing tablet for a computer, except that the drawing tools are all built into the tablet itself. On the left side of the tablet there is a palette of 15 colors, and along the bottom are icons representing different tools and functions, such as erase, color fill, shape library and so on. The unit comes with a set of lessons to teach kids the basics of art, such as line drawing, color mixing, and animation. It also features games that teach problem solving, logic skills, and color matching. These games come in easy and hard difficulty levels. A free draw mode lets kids draw whatever they wish, and the system can store up to five of their pictures. The Art Studio is powered by four AA-size batteries, which not included. A built-in cable connects to the player one slot on the V.Smile console. It comes with the Art Studio cartridge, which plugs into the console, and a user manual. See all Product description

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