Vanishing Champagne Bottle – Trick

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Vanishing Champagne Bottle – Trick Description

Collapsible production props like rubber/latex bottles are classic magical items. Now we present you the latest production number in this line, the ‘Vanishing Champagne Bottle’. With care, this bottle will last a long, long time. Effect: The magician presents a Champagne bottle to the audience, while explaining that he will make the bottle vanish by simply placing it into a paper bag. The magician proceeds to place the bottle into the bag then the magician turns the bag upside down showing that the bottle has ‘vanished’. Ahrg’s and ah’s start coming from the audience then the magician turns the bag right side up and shows that the bottle has appeared. The magician shows his powers of prestidigitation placing the bottle back in bag and shows it has vanished once again. The audience not convinced it has vanished, the magician proceeds to crush the bag to prove that it has indeed, vanished! Tadah!

Vanishing Champagne Bottle – Trick how to buy

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