Penguin Family 500-Piece Puzzle

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Penguin Family 500-Piece Puzzle Description

Product description WINNING MOVES 7134 Penguin Family 500pcs From the Manufacturer Designed by Linda Thompson, this Puzzle marks the revival of the cherished Pastime Puzzle brand, featuring the return of unique puzzle piece shapes called Whimsies. What Are Jigsaw Whimsy Pieces? ‘Whimsies’ add a whole new level to this popular indoor pastime and can make a puzzle a lot more fun. Whimsies are puzzle pieces cut into specific recognizable shapes, like flowers or animals. They got their name because they were originally cut according to the whims of the puzzle craftsman. The vibrant paintings of Linda Thompson are chapters from the ever-unfolding story of nature, an exciting blend of her artistic talents, keen powers of observation and genuine love and concern for her subjects. Linda’s realistic paintings take us a step beyond what we customarily see on the surface. With acrylics and colored pencils, she shows us these encounters from the perspective of the animals with which man interacts. We all live too fast and don’t take the time to see the little dramas in nature the way it takes care of its own and survives.

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