Magnum Enterprises Junior M-16 Marauder Rifle

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Magnum Enterprises Junior M-16 Marauder Rifle Description

Product Description From the Manufacturer; Our official GREEN ammo is the perfect addition to your Magnum 12 Rubber Band gun, and is available in large, 1 pound bags. Traditional rubber bands are usually 3/16′ wide and only 1/32′ thick. Our rubber bands are 1/8′ wide, and 1/16′ thick, granting them a significantly longer life when used as ammo in our rubber band guns. Magnum 12 has put hours of man-power into research and development to find the ideal rubber band ‘load data’. 1′ groups at 12′ are not unheard of. Try them out and we think you will be very pleased. Meets, or exceeds, all Federal Non-lethal ammunition standards. From the Manufacturer Magnum Junior M-16 Marauder Rifle slings rubber bands with force. The real-life M-16 has been the primary infantry rifle of the United States military since the 1960’s. It is used by 15 NATO countries and has been the most-produced firearm in its caliber. Adults who have served in the military will remember this weapon well. Our wooden version is a 12-shot semi-automatic with a fast firing trigger. Targets and tin cans — watch out. Well-suited for all forms of target practice. Designed to work with our high quality non-lethal ammunition, the rifle is ”chambered” for use with our yellow rubber bands. Please wear safety goggles at all times while using your Magnum12 product. Never shoot at people, animals, or yourself. All Magnum12 products are 100% American made using solid poplar hard wood. Each item is sanded to a smooth finish and printed with a unique name that compliments its styling. We know you will enjoy this well-engineered product and appreciate our quality American craftsmanship. Our plastic molds are company owned and we demand that only the finest plastics be used to produce our trigger sets, sights, barrel tips and custom rifle scopes. These items are exclusive to Magnum12 products and are not found on any competitor’s products. Magnum is a registered trademark of Magnum Enterprises, LLC.

Magnum Enterprises Junior M-16 Marauder Rifle how to buy

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