Impossible 750-Piece Something Fishy Puzzle

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Impossible 750-Piece Something Fishy Puzzle Description

Product description The Impossibles Something Fishy Puzzle is a borderless puzzle with random extra pieces. This jigsaw is for the true puzzle and challenge aficionados. It has five extra pieces that don’t fit anywhere — just to bug you. It also has repetitive images and the picture on the box is only a small portion of the final image. Hey, it’s not called Impossibles for nothing. When the puzzle is all put together, you will be able to search for the hidden secret image. So, are you up to the challenge? Product Dimensions: 24 (L) x 24 (H). Age: 12 years and up. From the Manufacturer Can you do the Impossible? BePuzzled wants to push puzzlers to the edge, with the 750-Piece Something Fishy Puzzle. This borderless puzzle has unique, irregular edges, and to make things even more challenging, it includes 5 extra pieces that don’t fit anywhere. Duplicated images shown from different angles make it harder to tell which end is up. The final challenge is that there is a hidden image within the puzzle scene. In Something Fishy, a kitten is hiding amongst all the fish. It’s all designed to keep puzzlers guessing. The 750-piece puzzle measures 24×24 when completed. BePuzzled is more than just jigsaw puzzles. It’s puzzle-plus. Not only do we develop interesting jigsaws, but we also apply our University Games game development expertise, using it to build special added value into our products. You’ll find a wide range of entertaining puzzles for children and adults.

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